Food packaging tools.

Stay ahead of the competition.

Flavor trends change quickly. Our research team reviews industry data to anticipate emerging flavor trends to help you develop new flavor profiles for a competitive edge.

Food packaging technology.

Tools to help you innovate quickly.

Launching new flavors can take months. Our process allows you to create new products quickly using existing meat of cheese blocks and eliminate messy, manual flavor applications.


Improve efficiency and reduce waste.

Our variety of seasoning transfer technologies allow you to apply spice on the productions line more cleanly and consistently, while using less labor. Economically expand you product line while controlling costs and reducing inventory.


Featured Applications

Seasoning transfer bags

Simplify, streamline and customize the seasoning of meats, poultry, cheese and plant-based proteins with Flavorseal’s new Seasoning Transfer Bags. This revolutionary product combines our patented Seasoning Transfer Technology with the convenience of shrink bags and cook-in bags.

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Sheets & Casings

Out patented seasoning transfer technologies allow for efficient and easy spice application on the production line. Available in a variety of technologies, including seasoned transfer sheets and seasoned casing for meats and cheeses.

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Add flavor to your products with Flavorseal’s seasoning technology