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4 Ways Seasoning Transfer Technology Saves Time & Money | Flavorseal

August 11, 2023

Seasoning transfer technology offers a cost-effective and efficient alternative to protein packaging. Usually, human operators are involved in seasoning food products, and this can be quite time-consuming and inefficient, leading to inconsistent flavor and quality. Seasoning transfer technology has revolutionized how food is produced helping to reduce production time and increase efficiency. In this blog post, we will explore the four ways seasoning transfer technology saves time and money and how it has helped the food processing industry streamline its production process.

Eliminating Waste

Seasoning transfer technology accurately measures the precise amount of seasoning needed for each product, preventing overuse which can lead to extra costs, underuse which can lead to customer dissatisfaction, and helps eliminate waste by ensuring that all of the seasoning is used. This technology can Seasoning transfer technology also eliminates the need for additional seasoning materials and the need for additional labor, leading to cost savings in wages.

Increased Production Efficiency

In traditional food manufacturing, seasoning is often added by hand, which is a time-consuming process that can increase the cost of production. Additionally, seasoning transfer technology ensures that the seasoning is evenly distributed, eliminating the risk of clumping or uneven distribution. Seasoning Transfer Bags offer processors the ability to season and package proteins in one step, eliminating the manual application of spice while at the same time reducing labor and clean-up time on the processing line. By automating this process, seasoning food products is more standardized, and you can achieve increased production within a shorter time period. In addition, due to Flavorseal’s in-house printing capabilities, Seasoned bags can be pre-printed, eliminating the need for an extra packaging step.

Increased Food Safety

Seasoning transfer technology helps improve food safety by reducing contamination risks. As the seasoning is measured and dispensed automatically, there is minimal human interaction reducing the risk of contamination or allergen exposure. In addition, unlike traditional seasoning methods, seasoning transfer technology can also eliminate cross-contamination of flavors leading to improved food quality. The technology keeps seasoning substances separate and easy to clean, making it an important consideration for any food processor looking to maintain high product quality.

Consistency in Flavor Profile

Seasoning transfer technology ensures consistency in the flavor profile of food products. The machine dispenses the precise amount of seasoning and mixes it uniformly, so you can be confident that every batch of food products is equally seasoned with the perfect flavor profile. This technology can also adjust seasoning ingredients and levels according to specific requirements, providing versatility to the production process. These features are crucial for food manufacturers as it ensures that the product tastes the same each time it is produced helping to create a loyal customer base and increasing brand trust.

Bonus reason: Shelf Appeal!

Seasoning transfer bags combine Flavorseal’s superior shrink packaging with a patented technology that bonds seasoning to the inside of the bag. Because there is no seal on the side of the bag, the spice application creates a hand-applied look without the mess or added expense of wasted spice.


In conclusion, seasoning transfer technology is essential in the food industry. It saves time and money in production, eliminates waste, improves food safety, and ensures consistency in the flavor profile of food products. As a result, food manufacturers can produce high-quality products quickly, efficiently, and consistently. With the increasing demand for high-quality food products globally, seasoning transfer technology is a tool that can benefit the food industry significantly.