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Elevate Shelf Appeal Through Advancements in Netting and Bags

December 15, 2015

By Flavorseal Product Management Team

Bone Guard Shrink Bags groupConsumers make purchases with their eyes, and aesthetically pleasing packaging plays a starring role in captivating buyers’ attention and ensuring that products are not left on the shelves.

Now more than ever, it is crucial to consider consumer wants and needs when developing packaging for meat and poultry. Understanding the factors that fuel consumer purchasing motivations is an important step that happens long before products reach retailers.

Today, processors can capitalize on advancements in bags and netting to put products in the spotlight and boost their appearance. Clean and seamless labeling, durable packaging and decorative netting can boost shelf appeal and convert browsing consumers into buyers.

Continuous Packaging Technology

In order to yield the best final packaged product possible, processors must overcome packaging inconsistencies and inefficiencies. Investing in semi-automated packaging processes like continuous-packaging technology can generate consistent packaging applications.

Because continuous-packaging technology allows processors to use only the amount of packaging required for a specific product, it eliminates waste previously generated from piece-good packaging.

It is an ideal solution for large-volume production because it ensures that packaging applications are unified, despite variations in product size or shape. This method also reduces labor costs and delays and results in consistent-looking packaging that appeals to consumers.

Bone Guard Shrink Bags

Once the packaging process is established, processors must choose a food packaging solution that will meet consumer expectations. Processors often select laminated patches as bone guards, however in recent years, patches have become virtually obsolete by technical advancements in the form of bone guard shrink bags.

Good packaging ensures both physical protection from damaging external factors and conditions like extreme temperatures or perforation. Bone guard shrink bags were specifically designed for bone-in, heavy rub or to withstand high abuse products like fresh meats, cooked or processed meats and cheeses. The high-quality, chlorine-free film provides edge-to-edge coverage and puncture protection and does not require the multi-step, labor-intensive process of laminating patches onto bags. Minimizing the likelihood of packaging tears or leakers means that proteins are protected from contamination and discoloration, which can be both unsafe and visually unappealing to consumers.  

Decorative Netting

The final consideration to enhance shelf appeal is to catch the eye of discerning consumers through the use of netting. Knitted netting technology, which come in a variety of patterns, closures and colors makes it possible for processors give products a premium, fresh look.

Processors can use decorative netting to give products a custom design or pattern that tells a brand’s story and communicates specific brand attributes through unique packaging. Decorative netting also lends itself to the growing popularity of on-the-go packaging by making products more functional and easy for consumers to transport.

Additionally, consumers appreciate and expect transparency from brands, literally. Placing decorative netting over clear packaging allows consumers to easily see the product, which is sealed for freshness by transparent packaging underneath.

While there will always be uncontrollable factors that challenge processors’ ability to be profitable, innovations in bags and food netting present new opportunities to improve efficiencies, reduce costs and capture consumers’ attention. Small operational changes and smart packaging selections will create a greater appeal in consumers’ eyes.

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