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Seasoning Transfer Bags

Simplify, streamline and customize the seasoning of meats, poultry, cheese and plant-based proteins with Flavorseal’s new Seasoning Transfer Bags. This revolutionary product combines our patented Seasoning Transfer Technology with the convenience of shrink bags and cook-in bags.

Seasoning proteins with spice bags promotes more even applications of seasoning and can help to reduce labor and cleanup costs as well as wasted spice. Our proprietary seasoning process ensures an even coating of spice through the entire bag with no seam lines.

Flavorseal’s Seasoning Transfer Bags are available with your choice of seasonings in a variety of bag sizes and materials, including high-temperature cook-in bags and ovenable bags. Besides lowering inventory needs, the bags make it easier to launch limited-time-offer products alongside those packaged with more traditional materials like our wide variety of Shrink Bags.

Learn more about how to incorporate spice bags into your process to reduce processing steps and offer more product variety, more efficiently.

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Features & Benefits:

  • Proprietary seasoning application process ensures even applications
  • Minimize wasted spices and cleanup
  • Multiple bag sizes and types available, including high temperature cook-in bags and shrink bags
  • Work with your existing seasoning blends or custom seasoning blends
  • Can be pre-printed with your logo, branding and nutritional information
  • Shipped loose or on a roll
  • Kosher, non-GMO Project Verified, Gluten-free and Organic certifications available

Recommended Protein Uses

  • Beef
  • Cheese
  • Ham
  • Pork
  • Poultry
  • Turkey

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Flavorseal Seasoning Transfer Sheets being applied to bacon

Quickly add bold flavors to food, including steaks, chicken, fish, deli meats, and other portion cut or plant-based proteins.

  • Allows for controlled application of spices and other flavors
  • Ideal for portion cut meats to make for easy meat seasoning

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Add flavor to deli or processed meats quickly, consistently and without messy hand applications.

  • Seasoning blends can contain large particulates for added visual impact and flavor
  • Seasoned casings are available in piece goods or shirred

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Seasoning Transfer Sheet for Cheese

Add new and bold flavors to cheese with seasoning sheets and casings.

  • Seasoning sheets apply spice to molded or cut shapes of cheese
  • Seasoning casings are ideal for hot fill applications

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Boost your brand identity by adding seasonings or color in the shape of logos, text, or patterns directly to the surface of meat, cheese, and bread products with our food seasoning technology.

  • Easily transfer colors, flavor, and spices in the form of logos, text, and designs directly to foods
  • Strengthen brand identity with a trademark that remains when packaging is removed

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