Cook-In Shrink Bags

Packaged pastrami using high barrier shrink bags

Cook-In Shrink Bags

Cook-In Shrink Bags feature a high-barrier food packaging for extended shelf life. Available in Cook-In Ship, Cook-in Strip or Post-Pasteurization bags. Flavorseal shrink bags are USDA and FDA compliant for meat packaging and allow for cooking food in a bag to extend shelf life and improve product yield. Manufactured with a high barrier packaging material, Flavorseal Cook-In Shrink Bags are an effective and efficient way to cook, smoke, package or ship beef, pork and poultry.

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Features & Benefits:

Cook-in Ship Bags

Cooking in the same cook-in shrink bag reduces the likelihood of introducing contaminants to the product, eliminating the need for secondary handling and increasing food safety.

  • One package for cooking in a bag and shipping reduces costs
  • Lower labor cost – no repackaging necessary
  • High shrink rate improves yields
  • Can be printed for custom look

Cook-in Strip Bags

Cook-In Strip Bags are constructed of a high-shrink packaging material designed for easy peelability. Their strong heat seals withstand high cooking temperatures, and strip off cleanly in one piece.

  • Leaves an attractive surface on the meat
  • High shrink rate improves yields
  • Runs on existing shrink packaging equipment
  • USDA and FDA compliant meat shrink packaging

Post-Pasteurization Bags

Post-Pasteurization Shrink Bags promote food safety by providing a skintight, high-barrier package that withstands the rigors of a post-packaging surface pasteurization process.

  • Specifically designed for smoked and processed food products
  • High barrier packaging extends shelf life
  • Creates an attractive glossy final packaging

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